Thursday, October 15, 2009 Food Storage Analyzer Review

Things I like about this FREE analyzer:
1. It's FREE
2. It gives you the USRDA Nutrient Percentages quickly and easily so you can see what nutrients you are missing, i.e you need more calcium-containing products, or you need more iron
3. It tells you how many days your food storage would last, if everyone got exactly the serving size of each product for each meal/snack per day, and you calculated out how many calories each person was eating exactly.

Things I would like to see improved:
1. It's cumbersome. I would like to see an upload function from some of the more popular food storage inventory programs (i.e. or the FSP software from
2. In the grocery store foods section, I didn't see where I could enter things like "1 lb of macaroni." Allowing people to enter things that they have on had by the pound instead of in a can would be immensely helpful. Now, I realize that it takes a lot of programming and data entry to put all of this in, but it would make it much more helpful for people who don't have all of their food storage in #10 cans (like me!).

What I found out is that I personally have more than my 3 months food storage, and I only entered a portion of what I have (refer to that cumbersome to enter point)!

If there was anything worth dreaming about to make this the MOST AWESOME tool in the world, is that once you entered all of your food in, it took the ingredients and spit out a menu plan to follow to use it exactly up in that number of days. =) It would be a miracle if that were possible!

Thanks for reading! Click the link below if you want to try the Analyzer for free.

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