Monday, November 2, 2009

Menu Monday!

OK, Here is the dinner menu we had last week. (My weeks will always start on Sunday and end on Saturday. It's just how I do it. I will also be a week behind, because I do my meal planning on Tuesday in my routine.)

Sunday - Baked Turkey, Mashed potatoes, broccoli, cornbread (this is a very budget meal, since the turkey was bought for .22/lb LAST thanksgiving, and was in my freezer all year!)
Monday - Taco Night
Tuesday - Chickpea Cutlets (See the recipe at, green beans, rice
Wednesday - Turkey Tetrazzini (modified recipe from the miserly mom), corn
Thursday - Pizza at Papa's Pizza (Son's football party) Disclaimer: only my son ate the pizza there, the rest of us ate leftovers at home beforehand. The prices are crazy there!
Friday - leftovers/MYO
Saturday - Frozen Pizza (Was supposed to be homemade pizza, but got short on time...)

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  1. Good job on writing it all down. Youa re on top of things!

  2. I found a recipe for really fast pizza dough. It's great for when you want pizza but things are running late.